"What the mind can conceive and believe, the body can achieve."

- N. Hill


Our goal at C.O.R.E. martial arts is to strengthen your mind, body and spirit through the martial arts. 


AFter School Program

The CORE Martial Arts After School program is a holistic community program involving exercise, martial arts, self-defense skills, as well as, music, culture and history from countries around the world.  Our primary goal is to instill a foundation of character skills using the historicand cultural influences from which the martial arts developed.  Respect, focus, discipline, and patience will be highly stressed in order to progress through the martial art levels.    

Clarrel (Sifu Clarrel) and Amber Pope (Simo) are a husband & wife team, with decades of experience in childcare and instruction between them.  They are committed to ensuring each child feels at home, welcomed, listened to, and encouraged to do their best in school, at home, and in all of their endeavors. 

CORE Martial Arts After School Program runs from the end of your child's school day until 6 pm.  We will pick up your child from school, provide them with a healthy snack, homework assistance, and time for free play with other students.  Each afternoon will also include a complete martial arts class, plus a bonus music, gymnastic, or cultural lesson.

Our martial arts curriculum will provide a solid base in four primary martial art forms:  Muay Thai, the Filipino Martial Arts, Jeet Kune Do, and Capoeira, accompanied by the cultural and historical elements of each region.  Our belief is that from this broad foundation, each student will be able to find the form or forms that will resonate with them.  While learning all these arts they will have a fun time with activities and games that will repeat and ingrain these techniques in their mind and body. 

Expectations & Goals: To positively influence a child to be a good person and to the best martial artist they can be.  To respect the culture and history of the arts we study.  To be proficient in all areas of self-defense:  Mentally prepared for an empty hand, weapon defense and grappling situation. 

Uniform: Students will be provided with a cubby where they can leave their uniforms and homework folders to be brought home the last day of each week.

Belts & Promotions: Students will be tested monthly to keep records of progress.  They will qualify for Promotions every 3 months. This intensive form of training will give them a broad vocabulary and understanding of the martial arts. Qualifications to be raised include knowledge of the material, respect for teachers and parents, and attendance.

After School Schedule:

Pick-up-3:30: Homework assistance, crafts, music

3:30-3:45: Outside play

3:45-4:00: Snack, change into uniforms.

4:00-5:00: Martial Arts Class

5:00-5:30:  Music/gymnastics, finish homework.

5:30-6:00: Games, outdoor play, dismissal


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